Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Well that's that bit over with

and I am over the trauma which I will summarise for you .
Last on list so didn't get taken down till 4:30pm.  I was allowed a glass of water around 10:30am. Once in the theatre couldn't get a vein to put in the cannula.  3 attempts on my my left hand after reminding them not to use my right hand due to the risk of Lymphodema  4th attempt on my foot and it was looking like my op may not be happening then after some beating, the 5th attempt in my leg and I'm asleep.

I woke up in recovery feeling very thirsty and sipped chilled water whilst coming round and got took back up to the ward around 9pm.  Sipped a coffee and nibbled 2 biscuits.  When  I started to feel sick I realised I hadn't been give the buzzer control and I was attached to the bed by my drain. A confused nurse came in as with 2 of us calling and a 3rd buzzing wasn't sure who to help first but it was all for me and I confirmed I felt sick.  By the time the nurse returned the projectile vomiting had started missing the bowl.  She and I was covered and the bed.  The lady opposite me ducked as it flew across the room stopping just short of her bed.  During the episode I lost my control of my bladder so all in all I was in a very unpleasant mess which as  my nurse was on her own was left in for far too long.  After cleaning the floor my nurse got a bowl of hot water and cloths so I could wash myself down. A second nurse appeared telling me they were going to give me some anti sickness drugs and where was my cannular? All I could remember was that it was in my foot. Whoops nothing there.  You are not sticking another one in can I just have tablets and she explained that she would be able to inject me and it would just take a bit longer to get to work. Eventually I was clean and dry but not too warm in a pretty pink gown. so thankful I took my dressing gown. When I got off the bed ooh look canular in my leg !!

Come morning after another very small sickness episode, I was told they would need to see if my breakfast would stay down and my surgeon agreed I could go home with the drain,  I had to manage going home with 2 last year and by 10:30 I got thumbs up and put in motion my plan for coming home and thanks to Alex I was home for 2pm.

1 week later, wound healing well with drain removed Saturday. I am going back to Bristol to have my dressing removed today :-)


  1. That was pretty rough Sue....glad it is all over now and you can heal.I hope you get good results today.
    Finally after almost 4 weeks I called my surgeon and asked if I could remove all the steri strips...I think he must have super glued them becuse not one of them had budged.
    Take care Sue and have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Thanks Jill. And thank you for you lovely christmas card you are a very talented lady.
    Have a super holiday xx