Thursday, 16 December 2010

What a bummer

Went for my post op assessment yesterday in Bristol.  Looking forward to my having my dressings removed so I can have a shower and wash my own hair.  Holly soaked me when she did it for me.
After a chat with one of the ladies I was in hospital with last week, got called in after a 10 minute wait and along with my surgeon and breast care nurse a 3rd person was in as well whom I just thought was a medical student.  Mr Rater started talking about the processes the breast tissue goes through once it's removed and I nodded yes I'd expect it to be tested, then he hit with "we have found cancer in the tissue"
In summary the Histology report for the breast tissues shows Multifocal Lobular Cancer despite being on Tamoxifen with the largest focus being 13mm and identified as G2 Lobular Breast Cancer.  There are other lumps that has been confirmed as Lobular Carcinoma in situ (LCIS ) which increase the risk of developing into breast cancer later on. Unsure yet but it is likely to be a new Primary cancer rather then a recurrance of Cruella.
Treatment Plan - Mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction booked for the 11 January 2011.  They have discussed the technical aspects because this breast now has wounds and due the the amazing way they have healed he is confident with the options he has that he can still do another brilliant job. 
I have said I do not want to go through Chemo again and I got  "We will cross that bridge when we get to it" Well they are going to have to really sell the benefits of that one to me!
Holly took it on the chin not sure it's sunk in yet.
I'm ok had a good cry and back to making the practical arrangements required for me to spend a week in hospital.
Have asked them to supply me with a sick bowl as I come out of recovery this time though :-) 

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  1. Sue...all I can say right now is thatI am sending hugs and good thoughts over to you. I am in total shock that this is happening so soon after your surgery but I am glad that they have caught it now.
    We never know if and when it will hit us again and that seems to be the biggest fear with all of us.
    With your humor and good spirits I know you will be fine.