Friday, 24 December 2010

Remembering Absent Friends and Family

A spray of roses just for you, Sprinkled with teardrops instead of dew, And in the middle a Forget-me-not, to let you know we have not Forgot ♥ xxxxx ♥ xxxxx ♥

A mulled cider in the Plough with my sister Rachel yesterday and we toasted Col Dave Nige Keith and Mum.  A white feather descended on the table from nowhere.  A year now passed since Colin left us with the Angels. 

Feeling more positive about next year. Rachel pointed out that she copes with this by thinking my recently found tumour (Must get this christened)  is only 13mm and Cruella was 29mm so has been found earlier!!!  I cope as I know exactly what to expect :-( 
My niece wrote the following poem in memory of Colin

In memory, of an amazing man. 

by Laura Tai Davies on Friday, 26 November 2010 at 22:07
A smile and a grin, you never had a frown
Your love for us all was something so special
That you can make me smile with just simple words
The cleverest idiot, in my universe.

Many people loved and knew you,
Nothing like how close you were to my heart
I just wish that I could turn back the time
And say the words that were you in your life.

Always look on the bright side of life
Was the thing that you lived by
You never faltered and never failed
You somehow always prevailed.

Your infectious laughter and the cheeky grin
The bushy moustache, hanging on your lips
The crap jokes you always did or told
The grin never faltering, even when you went bald.

I loved you from the beginning
Right till the very end,
You were my light and shining star
I now know you’re never afar.

I just wish I had the chance to say
‘I love you’ once more.
The fact you kept on laughing till the end
It made me thankful that you were Gods send.

I miss you and I love you
Never ever forget that.
Give everyone a hug from me,
And send a kiss to David please.

To someone who changed my life for the better~
I miss you Colin

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to our friends and family where ever you all are xxx

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  1. What a brave, brave person you are! Your sense of humour is second to none!! I've lost a lot of family and friends this year and hope I can be as dignified as you are. With much respect, Heather x