Friday, 26 October 2012

Blood Transfusion it is then...

Got an appointment to see my Oncologist Tuesday.  My liver functions have made a slight improvement but my Haemoglobin is low.  This would explain my breathlessness and tiredness.  He said at this level I would be offering you a Blood Transfusion to which I shook my head.  I'm not eating properly which isn't helping and I keep feeling and being sick.  He doesn't seem convinced this is entirely from chemo but has agreed to lower the dosage.  Admittidly I had to remind them of my personal circumstances and that it is not ok for that to happen again. I am meeting him again in a fortnight's time and hopefully I will feel better and can start the chemo cycle at the new dosage. 

As I had to call the Dr's to discuss changing my anti sickness tablets, we also discussed my fears of a having a blood transfusion.  I said I was going to try and eat more and drink orange juice to boost it up.  The Dr told me that was great but in reality a well person would take around a fortnight to boost the HgB with food and I wasn't in that category.  I couldn't argue with that. After giving it more thought and speaking to Lynne I was warming to the idea.  It was only when talking to Anne later on in the evening that I realised that what I was scared of was dialysis not a transfusion.  Anne kindly explained the process without laughing too much at me.  Next day got on to my health care team and I am booked in on Monday.  My blood grouping and cross matching have been done on my insistence and hopefully shouldn't be there all day.

Sadly, I have again had to change my plans for the weekend.  With being ill randomly it's not fair on me or my friends so again I am staying put.

Onto exciting stuff now. The ball is only 2 weeks away.  Don't worry I will probably be dancing all night after Monday!  Ok maybe that is a bit ambitious.  I am so excited now as the sale of the tickets have gone well and thank you to those that have bought theirs can't wait to see you and we will be in for a fun night.  Bar will  be open from 6:30pm.  We still have capacity to sell more tickets so as it's payday weekend, if you have been dithering just get on and buy your tickets.  Email to make your payments

Chilling this weekend again but still looking for that dress to wear at the ball... No JC it won't be a Green Basque!!  Have a good weekend everyone xx


  1. Sue I have a green corset you can borrow ;-) Karen xx

  2. Made me chuckle. See you in a couple of weeks. I've got nine pints of Aplus (no plus sign on my phone keyboard) if its any use.