Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well that was short lived....

2 days in and I start being ill  in the mornings.  Recovering, I carry on and go to work and lo and behold, Saturday, my appetite starts to diminish.  Sunday it hits like an explosion and I struggled to keep my head out of the sick bucket  Nothing is staying down including water.  Monday I phoned up my GP and also the breast care team at the hospital who made me realise that this was chemo induced.  I had already stopped taking it as I had nothing to line my stomach.

After an injection at the Dr's that afternoon this gave me the confidence that the anti sickness tabs might work.  Now it's just morning sickness and I can stomach  Complan , energy bars and a spoonful of casserole.
With this in mind though, apparently when I have got on top of the sickness the plan is to continue with the chemo at the same dosage.  Personally I don't get this and still waiting for a confirmed plan.  Maybe I should double dose my anti sickness tabs ??

Some of the positive  things coming out of this are that I have discovered I have a wheat intolerance and now feel tempted to make soda bread with spelt flour and non dairy butter milk.  I have tested spelt and this is ok.  Also in 5 weeks I have lost a stone in weight! Whoo hoo but wouldn't recommend doing it this way.

Will keep you posted but staying close to home for the moment xx

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