Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cycle 1 completed and Cycle 2 started

with minimum side effects reported fantastic.  My bloods have not quite recovered but they are no worse then in 2009 however I am going to start taking Vitamin C after reading an interesting blog last week Mums not having chemo.  Forgot to get some yesterday and really can't be bothered to get dressed today!

I have had a very exciting week with last minute arrangements to go to the NTA's at the O2 in London.  Thanks Kathryn for inviting me this time and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much I did.  Sadly I broke my camera and we were just having such a great time we only took a few photo's.  I showed how committed I am to my lifestyle changes, as being invited to the post awards party :-) with a FREE BAR I only had 2 glasses of champagne and drank water inbetween!! I have been laughing at the thought of Colin and David turning in their graves at that one!

I am having a relaxing weekend at home after the weeks excitement, yesterday I met up with Lesley P who I have met through the the BCC forums and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Zizzi's.  Today I am not even going to get dressed!

Before I go off and cook some dinner Congratulations to Sarah and Laurence on the safe arrival of a baby girl who as yet has no name she looks gorgeous !

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