Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Busy couple of days and have started Chemo

I had my CT scan yesterday, no issue putting the cannula in.   Took the girls to Bournemouth and they had a fab time.  I was fortunate to arrange a consultation with Barbara Cox who runs Nutrichef at the last minute whilst I was in the area.  This was extremely educational and I will share what I have learnt from her when I have put my plan together.

This morning I went to have my bloods taken. Three people and 4 attempts later I was feeling queasy. All I could think of was I could really do with a packet of Tooty fruities.  As I hadn't got my purse on me I remembered I had brought in the left over Christmas cake to share at work and that hit the spot.

I went back this afternoon to meet with the Pharmacist and I was there for an hour going through the medication and the possible side effects and we discussed the ways to manage them.  I am taking 2100mg of Capecitabine twice a day shortly after food.  1 cycle is 2 weeks of the daily dosage then 1 week off and I am on 6 cycles initially.

Wasn't a brilliant day with one thing and another and when I got home it got worse with Holly just being a typical teenager which I didn't ignore. All calm now, first dose taken and they have stayed down.  I was told to take my first dose in the evening rather then the morning as for some reason this minimises the side effects.

I feel prepared but still anxious.  The great news about today was that my blood test results were brilliant with only 1 area of concern instead of 4 in my liver functions.   Can't wait to see my scan report.

Well off to bed now will keep you posted ... 
PS Wend that was the first album I ever bought!

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