Tuesday, 14 February 2012

One third of the way through...

Cycle 3 starts tomorrow.  Side effects have started with my hands drying out and my feet turning purple and stinging.  This is all to be expected and I was hoping to get away with it after sailing through cycle 1. The Coconut oil, Aqueous cream and Aloe Vera gel are helping.

I am tired but I don't think I have recovered from a hectic week and weekend with a wedding, congratulations to Chloe and Rob and an 18th birthday celebration Laura Lou!!   I'm in for another hectic weekend involving stag/hen night and wedding -  whoo hoo for Tony and Tracie :-)

I found an interesting resource on the BCC forms The Spoon Theory  which I have started to apply to myself and realise I have to save some up for the weekend.  A lot of people use this to explain to their friends about their energy levels. As usual I have to be different.  I'm using it to tell myself it's time to rest ...

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