Saturday, 7 January 2012

Chemo Cycle 1 Day 4 so far so good

I don''t feel any different whoo hoo!  Even managed a small celebration in the Plough after work on Friday.  The Xelda Queen and Princesses who blog in the Breast Cancer Care forums have proved to be such a valuable and inspirational resource my anxiety diminished after keeping down the first 2 doses. 

One of the tips I picked up on Tuesday was to use Coconut oil to moisturise your skin (no toxins or additives).  I am already using that on my lips instead of Vaseline and it is doing the job. I will look into using it on the rest of my face next.  It makes you feel better know you are using a natural product.

I have a weekend to potter about and I am having a cooking session and a clear out. Have a good one everyone xx 

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