Friday, 30 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

and hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas.  Our plans for both weekends all changed at the last minute.  Never a dull moment!

Christmas because Holly caught a bug so we were banned from going to Worcester. Gutted as we all were,  we know it was the right decision.  Then I had no one to go to the pub with to toast Colin on his anniversary on the Friday.  Holly was adamant she didn't want to come, which I am sure will change in a few years time, so I kidnapped Donna for an hour.  It was a really odd feeling I had at one point as I didn't think I would get  there.  It only cleared up when we ordered our mulled cider.  Thanks Donna  and I am pleased you enjoyed your first mulled cider x

Thankfully the bug cleared up and I didn't catch it so Holly and I still went to Devon and had a wonderful time.   Big Thank you to  Karen Chloe and Teri xxxx

New Year has changed as the ferry's to Jersey have been cancelled due to the weather conditions so we are staying in a lovely cottage in Bude instead.  Bonus - Indoor heated swimming pool and Karen is popping over for the day :-)

Tuesday, after my CT scan at 8:30, I'm taking Holly, Mel and 2 other of Holly's friends, Chloe and Eloise to Bournemouth for a One Direction concert.  Excited doesn't cover it for Holly.  I keep imagining how excited I would have been if I was their age and going to see Donny Osmond, however I am considering using headphones :-).

 Happy New Year everyone and here's to a gripping January  xxx

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  1. And they call it Puppy Love.....
    Have a great New Year and hope to catch up with you soon.
    Much love and hugs from Wendy woo xxx