Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Chemo Round 8 Day 1

Final round of chemo administered. Just got the nasty bit now that lasts for 14 daysish before I start to feel better. Tounge already lost it's colour so have started taking the difflam and my taste buds have changed. Already taking stuff to soften the bowel contents. Round 7 days 3 to 8 were spent mostly in bed and on the sofa so here goes..... but for the last time and I have started to take multi vits to help and in addition to the strawberry complan I now have a supply of banana and vanilla - Thanks Kerri for your contribution to this - I love you xx

Feeling a bit evil mannered at the moment. I feel exhusted and tired still which doesn't help. I have made a decision yesterday at my pre-assesment appt that I am not going to go for immediate reconstruction after my masectomy in October. This is mainly because the surgons will not be able to confirm if I will need to have radiotherapy until the standard removal of 4 lymph nodes to examine them for signs of cancerouse cells which is only done during surgery. The radiotherapy will effect the reconstructed breast and knowing my luck I will need it. The benifits will be that I will now be having a smaller operation on October giveing me a speedier recovery. I can choose to have my reconstruction done anytime after 6 months giving me time to restore my fitness levels and research and decide on the options open to me on reconstruction. Also this will all be done in Taunton. Lots of things to think about at the moment...

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  1. You are doing the right thing by just having the mastectomy first especially if you are going to have radiation as well. I did it that way and I have been out of chemo and radiation since February and am scheduled now for reconstruction on December 1st. It is easier to heal from everything you have been through first.
    Good luck with all your decisions. :)