Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Chemo R8 D13 Meeting with Nurse Specialist

I still have tingling in my feet and fingers, dry throat and my eyes have started to water. My appetite is not great but finding it's way back. My bum doesn't hurt and that makes a huge difference. Not sure whether it is the knowledge that I have no more chemo but despite all this I feel really great.

I managed a boiled egg with toast and fruit salad for breakfast before making my way to Bristol to meet with my nurse specialist Lorraine. We chatted for a bit before she went through post surgery bra and clothes options and what I would need in hospital. Went through photos of my consultant surgeons work and methods he uses. Some of the pitfalls and post surgery care. I have also been asked if I would like to take part in 2 studies and have the literature to read this week to help me decide.

As for my operation we cannot decide which / how mine will be done until the results of tomorrow's scan has been discussed at their MDT meeting next Wednesday. My appointment is the same day and after today's meeting we are 95% certain I should be able to make a decision and get a surgery date for a few weeks later.

I am getting stronger every day now and looking forward to going into work as well. Having a shopping spree with Holly this weekend and a weekend in Burnahm on Sea with Jennifer and Gail next weekend providing of course I haven't been called in for surgery.....

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