Thursday, 24 September 2009

Surgery confirmed after a day at the BRI

Yesterday I had an appointment with the Breast nurse and my surgeon in Bristol to discuss my options after my scan results taken last week. Shouldn't take long i thought and as per ususal nothing turned out as I expected.
When Holly woke up crying as she hadn't slept well I took that as a sign that the day was going to be challanging. I helped her calm down and even took her and her friend to school as her friend had phoned asking if she could get there early.
Driving to Bristol was non eventful, made a mental note to check Fearne Cottons on line black book of dating rules (you never know). I saw that where I could park free all day was now barriered with road works, saw the parking bay free but decided to carry on and turn around so I would be facing the right way home and of course it was all full when I drove back up leaving me no other choice then to use the NCP car park for an appointment that should take no more then 2 hours.
I get to the reception and my breast care nurse is waiting for me. What fantastic service I think. What Lorraine wanted was to say was last weeks scan results were unhelpful and if I didn't mind she had booked me in for a mammogram and ultra sound scan that morning as that department wasn't too busy shouldn't be too long and my consultant and her would wait and have our meeting afterwards. I laughed and said that was fine I hadn't got to worry about parking as in NCP but Lorraine said I shouldn't be long.
When I saw the number of women in the waiting room I didn't share her optimism and there I waited for nearly 3 hours to have 2 scans. The ultrasound scan couldn't find Cruella at all. I didn't get to see the mammogram xrays.

We ruled out a lumpectomy as we can't see anything, ruled out a wide local incision as they would have to take away one third of my breast and not guarantee that it would include Cruella and then have to have another op. So I am having a Mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction taken from the back as that has the best results for re establishing the blood supply to the moved tissue. 6 months later after the breast has settled they will tattoo a nipple and reduce my left breast to match my reconstructed breast. I have also agreed to take part in 2 studies which I will detail in another post.

Desicions made , the next available slot is October 19th. I confirmed that I can accept, then my surgeon leaves as waiting for me has made him nearly 2 hours late for his teaching lecture he was due at but stayed and waited to save me coming up to Bristol again. What can I say - Carling black label advert -

I mention to Lorraine that my feet have swollen up and on checking them she arranges for me to have a blood test whilst I am there. It is 3.30pm before I leave making it a 4 hour visit. When I process my car park ticket and machine confirms £10 please, my eyes start to water so I start to laugh at it all and make my way home...


  1. Glad to hear you have made decision and have date - and getting a tattoo into the bargain!

    Thinking of you out here, will be in touch when back home.

    £10 for car park!!!!!

  2. Sue, I to am happy you have made the decision with is what is best for you. Maybe when you are strong enough after you could let me know how you are doing as I have mine December 1st but have it taken from my stomach. I know how tough these decisions are and hopefully you have everyone supporting you.
    Take care.

  3. Thanks Jill, will email you via sandy on facebook. Well done for yesterday

  4. hi
    just wanted to send you our love and wi be thinking of you when you go in, but at least you have a treat of meeting the dilver fox before you go. i hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy every minute of it
    lots of love
    from the Robinsons xxx

  5. Sue,

    I am in awe of your positive approach - which I am sure is the very best thing for you. I know you and 'the girls' will have a fab time in London Monday/Tuesday - make the most of it as it is well deserved! I know that many of youre colleagues are also amazed about your 'can do' approach to dealing with your deiagnosis and treatment. Enjoy the pampering in the run up to your 15 minutes of fame - glad you decided to take Holly with you.
    Take Care, Neil.xx