Thursday, 20 August 2009

Chemo Round 7 Day 8

What a week. Started going downhill Sunday really so it has been bed sofa and unavoidable trip to supermarket and post office so far. I feel so tired and I appreciate it is accumulative. My bum is really sore and I am struggling with doing anything other then resting, making food, resting and getting upset about clearing up! Holly's at her dad's this week so cabin fever isn't pleasant.
I can't seem to find banana flavour complan and strawberry is getting on my nerves abit but am drinking it as my appetite isn't great. Had a bit of a turn on Wednesday morning, came over all cold and sweaty and had to lie down. When I felt confident in standing up it was check I had turned off cooker as I had been making my porridge, unlock front door, grab phone and blue book with phone numbers and thermometer, in that order. During this time my sister in law Sandy called and I burst into tears. I would have thought that by round 7 I shouldn't experience new side effects and feeling vunerable was quite shaken by it. I phoned the Beacon Centre (our local cancer day unit) to share this new experience with them. As my temperature was ok I was doing everything right. Lying down and resting till it passed over. To avoid a posse from tearing down the M5 from Worcs I did call my friend Laura who came round and sat with me till I felt calmer, well longer then that really - Thank you Laura.
My temperature started creeping up last night so a call to Ward 9 to confirm I could take paracetamol with my other drugs I had taken was made. I decided not to take a z tab to sleep as I wanted to check my temperature again. I managed to get off to sleep and even though I woke up every 2 hours or so I was able to go back to sleep without struggling. This carried on right through to around midday today so feeling quite chuffed.
Feeling quite tearful and sorry for scaring you Phillipa but thank you and to Caroline for popping round.
I am really excited about our camping holiday in North Devon which starts Saturday with my sister, brother and their families. I am sure fresh sea air and more rest will help and I can always stay in bed all day there as well as I can here :-)

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