Friday, 11 September 2009

Chemo round 8 day 9

Thanks for your helpfull comments Gill.
Have started to feel a bit better today. Stayed up this morning to watch a DVD. It has been a hard week really. My Sister in Law Sandra rushed into Hospital Sat early morning. I have never felt so useless knowing I couldn't help with anything. She is home now resting...
My energy levels dropped on Sunday so have mostly been in bed since then. Feet and fingers are very tingly still. It hurts to type or write at the moment. I am using up my complan as don't really want to eat. I started using vaseline on my lips on Sunday and this prevented a crust forming on the corner of my mouth so I feel quite chuffed about that. My tongue is starting to feel normal so will start to taste food better - yippe and yes my bum hurts again...

I had a referral to Bristol Royal Infirmary confirmed on Monday for Wednesday with a surgeon consultant. I don't know what I was thinking of saying i would be ok on the train. Thank you Kath for taking me. It was very informative and I have an appointment with a Nurse Specialist there on Tuesday to go through reconstructions, MRI scan of breast Wednesday and meeting with Surgeon to confirm available options to me on the 23rd September. I'm impressed at the speed this is moving and all i know is that whatever is left of cruella has be operated on by 2nd week in October.
Will keep you posted

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