Thursday, 30 July 2009

Chemo Round 6 day 9

My bloods have definitely dropped. Cry at the slightest thing and I am so tired. Doesn't help with an inflamed skin tag guarding my bowel entrance but Dr has prescribed Naproxen so have fingers crossed.
As I am not well enough to drive I hitched a lift to Cheltenham station with Colin and Sandra as Sandra had got Colin an appointment there today. I stayed in bed all afternoon, went to the Docs for my drugs, tried to eat and went back to bed. I feel so exhausted. Holly's been out shopping in Street with the Bebbingtons. Thanks guys.
I have just had an update from Colin. He has had his first of 5 doses of radiotherapy today at Cheltenham. This is good and well done Sandra for not accepting the 1st appt of next Wednesday :-)

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