Thursday, 23 July 2009

Chemo Round 6 Day 2

Yesterday's chemo went through without any hitches this time. I suspect this was because they have reduced the dosage by 10% to ease the severe side effects I had last time. Slept through the night with the help of a z tab but had to be done. Feel tired today still so just chilling.
Pat have uploaded a picture just for you taken at the end of June with me wearing Dolly. I look really well apart from the bags under my eyes and it's quite deceptive as I don't feel as well as I look. I delayed my chemo for a week to go to London for Leina's brothers wedding and met up with Cathy & Polly on the Sunday. Had a fabulous weekend which has broke up the recent routines of needles, scans and such like. I'll place one with my bandana on next blog.
Going to Hereford the weekend to relax with Leina and Paul can't wait and fingers crossed for minimilistic side effects that are due to start Tuesday -but am all prepared !!

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  1. A reduction in dosage of chemo is wonderful... hope you feel better soon.