Friday, 7 August 2009

Chemo Round 6 Day 16 - Cruella is still shrinking !!!

I have had confirmed that Cruella has now shrunk from 21mm at the last ultrasound scan to 15mm. Way to go hey. I am pleased only 2 more chemo sessions to go starting next Wednesday. It is overshadowed by me having an Anal Fissure (tear) which is the cause of great discomfort and I am endeavoring to do all things associated with softening the contents of my bowel. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It worked this morning so I am relieved.

I have been into work for a few hours Wednesday, few more on Thursday and going in this afternoon after my reflexology. Nothing strenuous, shredding and answering calls on reception. Enjoyed my time spent there and felt useful.

Feeling tired, (No change there) mouth getting back to normal which is a relief, all ready for next weeks chemo ....

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