Monday, 13 July 2009

Chemo Round 5 Day 13

Last Sunday I weighed 13st 2lb. This morning I was 12st 8lb. There has to be a plus side.
I got worse before I got better and because I didn't want to eat or drink much I didn't want to get out of bed either. Crushed ice (cheers Wendy ) before food helped and ice cream.
Unbeknown to me, Lynne was not happy leaving me on Friday so had confirmed my current state of health to my sis and picked her and Laura up from train station Friday morning.

Rachel took charge, phoned Dr again, applyed for Mobility badge for car, booked campsite for August holiday and took me off to hospital for brain scan. I was so glad she was here. Being hungry and thirsty because you don't want to eat is ok but when you can't because of scan is worse. I just started crying again in waiting room, tired hungry and thirsty. Scan complete and drank water mix of salt and sugar. I couldn't taste a thing. Tea was lovely, Laura made mashed potatoe just for me - Thanks Laura.

Saturday afternoon Kerri and Wendy turned up which was lovely. I did go back to bed for a bit and it was lovely hearing all the laughter going on as the Wii Fit was put through it's paces.

My temperature started to go up again on later on but fully armed with Paracetamol soon had this back under control and downed some food. Ate more as i was picking so that worked out well thanks Kerri and Wendy :-)

I am starting to feel better now, my mouth still hurts but is starting to heal so feel there is an end in sight. The Last 7 days have been the worst since I started chemo and Round 6 is due to start next wednesday. Previously I have been back at work this point in cycle. Today I'm chuffed I got up and ate something!!!

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