Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Chemo Round 5 day 7 - No Pain no gain !!

All I can say is what a turn around from breezing through managing side effects of the 1st 4 rounds then bang it it me like a brick. Tingly fingers and muscle ache like I've never experienced before started Sunday night. Mouth on fire and hadn't apprecicated my termperature was rising. Lynne took one look at me and was on the phone to the oncology then GP's before taking me to the Medical Admissions Units. This was not a pleasant experience and wont rush to go there again but I will take that up with the hospital. My temperature started to come down after being given paracetamol. Hey we all know that logic but logic went out of the window. I didn't get anything for my mouth until I was about to leave and currently I'm loving porridge!!!
I am feeling loads better then I was , shocked at how ill I dipped to. I have no energy, have to rest after eating porridge !! Lynnes making sure I keep fed and hydrated as because of my mouth i don't want anything. Getting back my sense of humour. Plans for Round 6 have now been laid. Paracetamol, iboprofen, teach Holly to make Porridge and she loved Dinner at the bebbingtons. Thank you guys !!!

Still not sleeping properly yet telling me my organs are still working overtime to detoxify the drugs through my system. My hair groweth is getting stronger which I find bizarre. Born again blonde on her way :-)

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