Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Chemo round 4 Day 1

Well my pre assesment appointment yesterday was promising. My bloods are ok so I get the thumbs up for chemo round 4 (ok i snuck in an extra week as I went to Cornwall). Side effects have been manageable. It was not because I forgot to take steriods that I didnt have any mouth ulcers I've been assured by my Oncoolgy Dr that the chemo causes that (Oh well).

I think Cruella is shrinking as I cannot feel her through my bra any more and the Doc had to look hard for her yesterday as well. Fingers crossed that the Ultrasound scan next wednesday confirms the same. That would be great
My friend Bianca is doing the Race for life today at Silverstone. She has never done this before and is purely motivated by what is happening to me even getting her hair shaved when I had to do mine as it was falling out. If you havn't sponsored anyone yet and want to http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/biancamcgarry and don't forget to gift aid your donation.
I am going to take the DS and play Suduko today to take my mind off needles. Will be in the new Beacon Centre so not as cramped as previous visits. umm will let you know if this works

Sue xx


  1. Sue, Great blog! I added you to my blogroll, Cancer Blog Links at www.beingcancer.net
    Take care, Dennis

  2. Thank you Dennis for your lovely comments and will take a look at your website.