Monday, 18 May 2009

Chemo Round 3 Day 12

Well last week was a mixture of feeling great to feeling awful. Monday morning woke up after a good nights sleep and felt great. Tuesday felt even better. I'm doing work from home round my appointments. Wednesday, as I was working from home it came over me like a wave feeling nauseous. Shut down my laptop and took myself off to the sofa and watched a DVD and dozed before my afternoon appointment that day. Felt better in the evening but Thursday felt terrible again. Phoned hospital as didn't know whether to take my anti sickness drugs and or steroids to help. Before the nurse phoned back, I'd been to the Drs and took myself back off to bed after having a slice of toast. Anyway the confirmed that at day 8 I should only take the anti sickness tablets and call Friday if I felt no better. I didn't get up till 2pm and managed to get in at the hairdressers to have a fringe put in Dolly (wig) increasing this weeks of appointments to 9! Friday I felt fine again. A bit tired but not feeling sick hooray, in time for the weekend where Sarah and Cathy were coming round and we had a lovely time having foot spa, and giving feet hands and face a makeover with fabulous food and the odd glass of wine.

This morning been awake since gone 5am but feeling ok. Mouth has done well this round and feels normal , no ulcer. Just tiredness and feeling sick so not too bad really. Planning to work again this week around 2 appointments I have but still taking it easy.Got to save my energy for Cornwall next week he he. :-)

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  1. Have a good time in Cornwall. You deserve it! Lyn