Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chemo round 4 part 2

Well I was doing good. The experience was ok. Met some more lovely people and didnt cry. Still can't look though. Drank loads of water but sadly brought it all up. Didnt think i'd need antisickness tabs for water. Have kept my tea down so far but feel really crap and off to bed.
Holly doesnt feel to well either so I didn't push for her to go to scouts which has saved me a trip.

Off to bed now will catch up tomorrow



  1. So thats 2/3rds way through and Cruella is on the wane. You're doing really well - but would expect nothing less from you. Be in touch soon. Love, Wend xx

  2. Another time if you feel rough and Holly's ok - ring us we'll pop her to scouts and back - take it easy on yourself and just go with the flow - you're on the downhill strait with the chemo now and doing so well (((hugs)))