Saturday, 6 June 2009

Chemo Round 4 Day 4 am

I am feeling much better this morning. Could have done with a bit more sleep but feel releaxed and pottering around the house tidying ect. Am planning a power nap before taking myself off to the pictures, Holly's at her dads and I have some friends arriving later.

My reflexlogy yesterday was wonderfull. Felt tearfull on way over , feeling tired and bored with all this now but reminded myself that I had managed 3 rounds , doing 4 at the moment and only 2 left to go (providing Cruella shrinks) and pulled mysellf together. Fell asleep in reflexlogy and a wonderfull session at meditation and felt much better about everything.

Still forgetting to take tablets which is abit annoying but at lease it was only one and not days this time.
Thanks for my messages Kerri amd Leina
and will be in touch soon.

Sue xxx


  1. On of the Daycare nurses at the hospital told me ... as I was wiping away the tears ... you are more emotional because you are tired from the chemo.

    That made sense to me ... and made me feel better.

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