Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Chemo Round 4 Day 7 - Cruella is Shrinking

I feel so tired but completetly elated that the ultrasound scan today confirms that Cruella has shrunk in size by 9mmish and the density has also reduced. I celebrated with an Iced bun and bought a Jam doughnut round !! (Holly ate hers without licking her lips). I feel so happy and lucky.

I suspect now that I will stay on the origional treatment plan of 6 cycles which means only 2 more to go. Won't think about surgery yet still a long way off .

Still feeling incredibly tired and managed a power nap today so feel quite chuffed.
Big smiles all round :-)


  1. Good news on the shrinkage ... nap and nap some more.

  2. Yay! That's brilliant news. Everything you're doing is obviously working, so keep it up and we'll be out celebrating the death of Cruella in no time. xx