Sunday, 10 May 2009

Chemo Round 3 day 5

Well my mouth is still ok, I'm not ravenous like this time last cycle, just incredibly tired.

Have had a lovely weekend starting with Lynne calling in who ended up cooking our tea whilst I had a nap as couldn't stop yawning. I did some aromatherapy massage and I got my crystals out. We both had the best night sleep for a long time but not enough to stop me going back to bed Saturday, after checking if there was any Rhubarb left at our local pick your own and there wasn't. I'm wondering if I'm resting too much as I am not exercising much apart from what I do on the Wii fit (ok walking as well). With that in mind I accepted an invite to my friends dads 70th Birthday party Saturday night. Holly even volunteered to help out with decorating the hall etc. Thanks Laura and Alex, Holly thoroughly enjoyed herself and when we both turned up later in the evening it was Sue Holly and friends enjoying themselves and I lost the Sue who is living with breast cancer.

After a restless night sleep, I carried on this thought of Sue and Holly doing their thing and took us off orienteering. We didn't get lost after finding the starting point and thoroughly enjoyed the walk. Stopped off at a car boot sale on the way back. Holly groaned but happily took part in the purchases we made. Came back had dinner. Nige came round with some shopping. I am useless at asking for help but when Anne put's you in a corner with "We're off to Asda do you want anything?" it works and really appreciated it even if I didnt have the main ingredient for Rhubarb Crumble!!

Every day next week I have an appointment with 2 appts on Friday. Already I am feeling anxiety over it all. Thankfully not having a midday sleep and taking part in some excercise today will induce a good nights sleep. Watch this space...


  1. Soon as you get hold of some rhubarb I'm coming back down, can't remember the last time I had a good crumble. Yum!! xx

  2. found some at aldi today, hope to have the energy to make it tomorrow or get H to make it :-)


  4. Well it's no good there is it :-) I may have the enrgy to make my crumble tomorrow . Lovely to hear from you xxx