Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What a refreshing change at todays Oncology appointment

I was ready with "I don't want to start chemo until next week for purely selfish reasons" and "Can we not look at the cause of the vomiting instead of just treating the symptoms"
I saw a different oncologist today, she had my chemo tablets in her hand and asked me how I'd been.  Told her I was still vomiting, appetite loss but feeling better overall after the blood transfusion.  I then had the reaction I was after  , "Ok I think we will stall the start of your chemo and find out the cause of these symptoms, I'll arrange for an Ultra sound test of kidneys and liver, full body CT scan and a brain scan and lets see if we can find out what is going on"  Eureka - at long last someone realising that this is not going away.  She also asked if I minded and I owned up being the honest person that I am.  She then examined me , did some tests and asked some questions.  On reviewing the blood tests I was asked if I could have another blood test done to check the creatinine levels. I feel like a pin cushion after yesterdays 2 attempts to draw blood and the blood transfusion last week.  Well the results are in and they want to scan my kidneys sooner rather then later.  I also remember that the last 2 CT scans have reported abnormality in my right kidney and this is the first time it is being acted on. 

Meanwhile I have started a course of steroids to increase my appetite and hopefully have an impact on reducing the vomiting. 

Now onto the more exciting stuff.  We have sold over 100 tickets for my charity ball on Saturday.  Family and friends are coming from all over the UK.  It goes without saying that there is a posse making their way from Worcester as well!  I am so excited and grateful as I appreciate the effort people are making by coming to the event, and the work being carried out by the rest of the committee Barb, Fred Lynne and James as this wouldn't be happening without the work they are doing.  Also there are a few tables of friends friends as well!

I am also getting lovely messages from friends who are unable to make the weekend and don't worry I will try and behave myself but now I have started the steroids who knows.  I just hoping these will help me stay awake past 10pm!!


  1. That is great news when someone actually takes the time to listen and then things start moving forward.
    I sure wish I lived there and then we could have attended your charity ball. Sue, you don't have to behave yourself....just let loose and go with the flow. Have a great time and I hope to see some photos of this event. xxxx

  2. Here's hoping the cause is ascertaine.Glad you had a more positive experience this time!