Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What a night to remember - THANK YOU...

To everyone that came and made it the night it was.  Early indications are that we raised around £1500 for the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre.  Money has also been coming in from friends who couldn't make the evening but still wanted to help.  If this is something you feel you want to do just email for the bank details and this will go straight into the charity account

THANKS to the people and organisations who kindly donated to the raffle , credits are listed in the leaflet which I will publish when the Bentons get back from holiday next week.

It hadn't dawned on me , with being busy being ill and delaying my own jobs, how much work had gone into with the arrangements until I turned up to help decorate the room.  I know I am blessed with the amazing friends around me but I felt embarrassed by the committee team effort that went into things that I hadn't even thought of to make the evening the success it was.  I think I managed to get to speak to most people and there have been a lot of compliments and photos flying around hailing the enjoyment.  I was happy people came and we had a fab night but stunned with the fund raising on top of it all.  Just show we know how we like to party.

I did do a little speech and whilst the ushers had been thanked, i.e. Holly, Clodagh and Mel, I neglected to say thank you to Holly for forming the idea from her party antics last year.  So THANK YOU to Holly, I love you and didn't we have a ball! 

ps.  I know you enjoyed being on the teenagers table xxx

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