Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Scan reports back given new treatment plan today

As I have not been able to have chemo, and only just started back on my Homoeopathic remedies it was no surprise to learn that there has been growth and progression with the disease in my liver and swelling in my kidneys and a first increase with the swelling in my bones. Reading my report tonight I have more questions that I will have to go back with but have enough to go on for the moment.  Despite this my blood picture confirms my liver functions have improved, my creatinine levels are now normal but my tumour markers are still out of range. 

Today's outcome is that my kidney functions not be able to manage the work needed when on Chemo so we have a change of plan. I am having an appointment with a Urologist to look at having a stent to drain the kidneys. This should also show whether the swelling includes disease as well as just fluid.

Due to the cancer progression I am being put on a course of 8 weeks of  Letrozole which is another Aromatase inhibitor like the Tamoxifen and Arimidex I had previously.  I have not read the bumph yet but the idea is to stop the oestrogen feeding the cancer.  I also have to be weaned off the steroids.

Well I have my work cut out for me at the moment looking the more natural remedies to assist.  I have a very timely appointment tomorrow with the BRI Homoeopathic team which I am very excited about.

Now onto more exciting things.  I have had a lovely but busy time of late including Balls, birthday and birthday treats and weddings - Congratulations Claire and Kev!  I am smiling on the beautiful memories made over the last month.  As I am feeling better and more in control I have been planning and getting prepared - Marrakesh with the gang next week,  feeling confident about it now and doc advised today about the flight as I have everything else covered - Sorted out Christmas and New year plans and even booked next years family holiday in Croyde.  Few more bits to plan (including plan b's) as well but feel so much better and looking forward to creating more fabulous memories xx

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