Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Date for Chemo set

for the 4th January 2012.  The hormone tablets are not working and my liver fuctions have got worse.   2 weeks ago I was saying I would be gutted if there is no improvement in my liver functions with the change in my diet, however reflecting over this last weekend I realised that what I am doing is never going to shrink the tumours but the fact I feel so much better I will continue regardless. 

My Oncologist advised further to the Macmillon fact sheet given to me at my last appointment, that the worst sideffects they see are the skin drying on the hands and feet and the taste in the mouth being very unpleasant and Diarrhoea. Since the last meeting I have been finding the forums in the Breast Cancer Care extremely resourceful so I asked about the Udder cream and mouth wash and they hold stock at the hospital.  Being prepared is half the battle.

I am dissapppointed with this news and I have to give it a try.
There are other drugs if the Capecitabine doesn't work.  I will have to take tablets for 2 weeks then a week off.  The success of this chemo will be measured by blood tests and I will have another CT scan before I start. There are women who have been on this chemo for 8 years and enjoy a good quality of life!

The good news in all of this is that I will be drug free for 4 whole weeks whoo hoo!

I did sneak into the League of Friends shop on the way back and bought a small pack of tooty friuties, mini cheddars and a small bar of dairy milk. Sshh don't tell Holly.  xxx


  1. Chomp away Huni!! xx <3 xx luffles xx

  2. Okay..so does this mean you can eat all of those goodies over the holidays, lol. No drugs over Christmas ...whoo hoo is right.
    Sue, you are a real fighter.

  3. Face book comments
    Norma Goodier Your not only brave but also a fighter - keep the positive spirit lots of hugs xxxx
    Jill Ooms I should have sent you a big box of chocolates.....lol. xxx
    Sue Davies lol I have turned down so many but really needed a sugar fix so chocolate it was x
    Sonia McCullough Ditto what Norma said :-) x
    Sonia McCullough And you're the best cider drinker ;-)
    Sam Chandler Seconded!
    Donna Rogers Love you heaps - you are an amazing inspiration! x
    Catrina Rusher Love, light and hugs sue. Keep on with the positiveness. Were all with you xxxxxx
    Muriel Paul you are a very brave lady..i feel honoured to say you are my friend..lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx
    Dave Davie Crerar Yeah she is something else isn't she Donna? As always Sue, all my strength, all my determination and all my love just got transferred into "the Sue account". Now inspire me some more :) xxx
    Sue Davies Thanks guys xx The Mulling season is here may get tempted and mull some cider the weekend but for now, don't faint, I'm drinking dandelion tea
    Dave Davie Crerar
    Paul Howland Go for it Sue and any support you need, ask xxx20 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Jo Mildren Thinking of you xx
    Carla George Hugs and good luck will be thinking of you xxx
    Barbara Helen Kirk Sending you hugs xxxx9 hours ago ·
    Lesley Probyn It's meant to be a really good drug, I hope it works wonders for you - and for a lot longer than eight years :) xx

  4. omg, I have just caught up with you and so saddened by this post. Sending you love.