Saturday, 17 December 2011

Some funnies that have made me smile!

I am always laughing and smiling at one thing or another and thought I would share some with you.

Halloween I was running late getting home as Sarah S was calling in for tea on the way home.  We had our pumpkin out and Holly was off out with Mel scaring people.  I answered the door to a corpse bride and a very scary Alice.  Their accompanying adult went on to say they were expecting me to get dressed up like I had 2 years ago as I had made them cry and they had been seeking revenge since.  We all laughed at the memory and I explained I was a week out of hospital and had little hair. Tracie had done my make up so I was the scariest one opening the door.  I do  remember making the younger ones step back and go to their parents and these girls had been waiting to seek revenge since.  Been on a hunt but did find the photo. I'm the one on the right.


When I was at the Beacon Centre next I got chatting to a lady in the second waiting room who has just started chemo and she was discussing the operation she was due to have when this finished and she wanted to know amongst other things what it felt like afterwards.  I mentioned my blog as a resource for her and she asked me if I knew one of her friends that was a nurse.  I didn't and we carried on talking and another lady that had arrived joined in.  It came up that I worked for the Trust and she asked me if I had a young daughter and it then transpired that this friend had mentioned me and my blog to her as I had met the friend when I was having treatment in 2009.  She wanted to know if I was still using my wonderful sense of humour to keep me going through all this rubbish.  We all laughed and I thought what a lovely way to be remembered.

Finally my lovely daughter sprung a birthday surprise inspired by initially thinking I was going to be 50. I was so nervous coming home to find the house empty with a note on the door telling me to get ready, hair and make up as taxi was picking me up at 6:45 I had no idea what was going on. Thanks to those who helped her and turned up it was lovely.  I have said I will help her next year so she can hire a hall and I have suggested we turn it into a fundraiser so watch this space....

I did have another planned joint birthday celebration the following weekend in Worcester and love the next picture cos it's not a bad one of me.

I am enjoying the preparations for Christmas as we are going to be in North Devon with Karen, Chloe, Teri, Rachel, Laura and Holly.  Not sure if Karen is allowed to go sledging down sand dunes after last year when her knee found the rock but we might still have a go.

Well I'm off to finish my cards and make another list.  Have a good weekend everyone xxx


  1. No sledging but walking on the beach this year hopefully this will be safer can't wait to have you all here lots of love & laughter Karen xx

  2. And we can't wait either. Just read part of your comment to Holly and her reply was! It's because she's comming lol xx