Thursday, 10 November 2011

What a difference a few days makes. Everything seems brighter

after browsing forums on the Breast Cancer Care website and a bit of retail therapy!

In the Breast Cancer Care community, the ladies who are on Xeloda (the short name of the drug that my health care team want me to start), provide a valuable resource.  I am reading how they manange the side effects and the different treatments being used. Reassuringly there is a lady who has been on this drug for 8 years and whilst I know everyone reacts differently, that turned it around for me!

I have had my appointments through, Oncology 6th Dec and 20th Dec for my referral to have the sigmoid skin tag removed.

Since I got back from the Penny Brohn centre, I drink loads of fruit tea and hot water with lemon.  I am now also drinking Dandelion tea and taking a RDA of Milk Thistle.  This will help my liver functions that are being impacted by toxins from drugs, food and drink. 

In my second week of detox I have lost 2lb in weight and I am feeling quite bright and positive all things considered and long may it continue! Birthday binges and Christmas coming up oh well it's all about getting the right balance :-)

Have a good weekend everyone xxx


  1. Have a great weekend as well Sue ♥♥ xx

  2. Lovely comments received on Facebook Thank you
    Kerri Finnegan Great to hear you're back on form chick. Keep up the work. xx
    Kerri Finnegan Or even the good work!
    Cathy Burke I love your positivity Sue :-) x
    Laurence Harrison Stick with it Sue, thinking of you :-) x See you soon
    atherine Taylor you are an inspiration Sue, keep fighting and smiling xx
    Karen Jeynes Inspirational lady love you xx