Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Not a great report from my CT scan

for my liver it states "They appear slightly larger then on the previous CT.   The largest lesion is in segment 5/8 and measures 26mm (previously 19)mm.  New lesions in segment 6 are also noted."  My liver functions are not great either.  The good news is there is no free fluid roaming around my belly!

My oncoligist's answer to this is to place me on chemo -  Capecitabine to be taken orally.  I get the  "lets try this whilst your relatively healthy" however  I made it clear that at there is no way I am taking Chemo until my skin tag guarding my bowel entrance has been removed.  I remember from the last time the impact of chemo on my bowels very well!  I had some questions which the Dr didn't know the answer to and he said if I could wait I could see my usual oncologist which of course I did and threw more questions at him.  The FireFox trial (combination of radiotherpy and chemo for advanced bowel cancer in liver) I had already emailed to him, would not be appropiate for me as my cancer is like seeds scattered throughout my liver.  He wasn't enthused over my suggestion about me having Oxygen therapy.  I said that due to the side effects of  Arimidex (generic tablets Nastrosa) could I try another Aromatase inhibitor such as Exomestane.  I mentioned being unable to loose weight and yeah thats my problem to sort and so I will!

So the plan is to use Exomestane straight away then have my liver functions checked in a months time.  Meanwile back to the GP to get my sigmoid skin tag removed. I'm going to formulate a plan to loose weight and be healthier all round and do some more research on oxygen therapy using the Penny Brohn centre for further advise and support on all the above ...
On telling Holly, her only concern at this time is if the chemo results in me loosing my hair! ummm...

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