Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My stay at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre

in Bristol has been an amazing experience where I attended their Approach residential course which follows on from their Living Well course I attended back in July.  It continues with their meditation techniques using imagery and sound, nutrition and health advice and some healing techniques.  Their restaurant produced tasty freshly cooked foods following their own ethos of using organic and healthier options.  There was no coffee or alcohol and only fruit teas, water and other organic options to drink.  Fresh Smoothies, fruit and nuts for snacks.  I never went hungry.  Again I have met some wonderful people on this course and after one to one consultations with Dr's and nutritionists I feel I have more options to explore. 

One of the highlights of this retreat (as I now call it) was meeting Pat Pilkington one of the co founders of this centre.  Being a vibrant, energetic 83 year old, her story was inspirational.  

I also kept thinking how Colin and Sandra would have benefited from this kind of support to help with the stress associated with what they went through and lo and behold Colin popped into my dream whilst I was there.  He had shrunk and yes I was taller then him and he was trying to climb up something.  I asked him what had happened and he said his back was getting smaller.  I mentioned this the following day to one of the therapists including my interpretation was that he was letting me know what I have to look forward to, (typical as that I am vertically challenged anyway) and she mentioned another interpretation being that he is telling me he is still supporting me.  Something to do with the back being mentioned in the dream. 

I intend to continue using this centre and look forward to a 3 day retreat next year.  I can also have 15 minute phone consultations with the Drs and Nutritionists there which I think it is always good to have a 2nd opinion.

I'm feeling anxious about Tuesday when I get the results of last weeks scan and hoping the tablets are still working and the dietry changes I have made are enough.  Fingers crossed...

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