Tuesday, 5 July 2011

3 month review is promising

as the CT scan report from last Monday confirms that "No definite new leisons" and  "most of the leisons have shown a slight reduction in size"  They have not reported on my Uterus and my oncologist is going to chase that and re reading the report at home I can see the words "I think" which isn't good enough.  This confirms that the drugs are working but I am disappointed that I have to point out, a week later, inaccuracies in the report.  However I do feel I can celebrate or maybe breath a sigh of relief.  Umm where's the bottle opener?

We had a discussion around my reasons for wanting to have a hysterectomy and I will wait for the full report and do a bit more research.  It has been agreed that this can be emailed to me, albeit begrudgingly.  It has been quite an emotional build up to today's meeting but I will to get used to it.  My next CT Scan will be in 3 months time as an ultra sound scan will only concentrate on my liver whereas the CT scan covers a larger area andcan spot changes in bone density.

Apart from a summer cold I just feel tired.  I am going to start swimming again soon so Anne get the dust off your swimming costume! 

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  1. Happy to hear that you finally got some good results....now go and enjoy the summer with Holly and your friends. Have a glass of wine for me as well!
    Hugs. xxx