Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Signing in for Sue

Just a quick note to let you know Nigel dropped Sue off this morning at Musgrove ready for her op. She was there by 7.15am in plenty of time and was originally scheduled for first on the list. However as is often the case, for whatever unknown reasons, she slipped down the list as the morning wore on.

She finally managed to phone me just after 7pm sounding still somewhat groggy and as far as she could tell it had not been decided then whether she should come home the same day or be kept in overnight tonight - I think there may be some interesting discussions between her and the staff :)

Another friend will contact the ward to see if she can collect her, bring her home and stay with her overnight at around 9pm. Holly has been spending the evening with another good friend so everything on the home front is ticking over nicely

I have no real details of today's events at the hospital except to say she has come through the op ok

No doubt there will be more info forthcoming in the morning from the horse's mouth so to speak but I'm sure that she's heartened by everyone's good wishes

Anne (on Sue's behalf)

PS -

Just spoken to Sue again at 8.50pm and after having half a cup of tea, some toast and a toilet visit they have now told her she can come home so Jill is heading off to collect her as I type.

I must admit that as the ward had just asked Jill to ring back at 10.30pm to see if she could leave I did insist on checking with the nurse as I know Sue can be a bit of an escapologist but it is all legit and she's en route having been assured by the medics that they have managed to remove everything they went in for.

Of course the main challenge now begins - convincing her to rest and recuperate!!!


  1. Hi Anne & Sue. Great to stumble on your blog! Best of luck with everything including your surgery! Have you heard of FAMEDS? Freedom of Access to Medicines is the non-profit leading the effort against the FDA from disproving the drug Avstin this month, as it is working for 17,500 women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Please sign & share the urgent petition: http://fameds.org/petition.php

  2. Sue....you do everything your friends tell you, lol. Get lots of rest and you will be back on your feet in no time. (((Hugs)))