Friday, 10 June 2011

Recovering nicely

at home, doing as I am told and parked in front of TV or in bed.

My operation went well and having had 4 operations in less then 2 years I was making lots of comparisons between Bristol and Taunton.  I was anxious because of what happened earlier in the year when I couldn't get the help that I needed and I know this was a different department and I was soon put at ease.

Having been slightly distracted the weekend I wasn't as organised as I usually was, had no plan B for responsible adult staying over and didn't hand out telephone numbers. Thank you Tracey N for organising everything when it became clear Alice was not well enough to sleep over and Jill N you were so well behaved so you can sleepover again!  And of course to the Bebbs, Nige for getting me there on time and Anne for checking me and Holly were organised and updating my blog xxx

Despite being moved to 2nd on the list I didn't get to taken down till 1pm and was in the ward from about 5pm.  I was still out of it and missed telling Lesley V that I would be later then 6pm coming out.  The nurses were treating me as if I was staying overnight but I was adamant I was going home.  My usual post op vomiting episode was contained and after keeping down biscuits, coffee and a trip to the bathroom I was given the green light.  Have no idea why Anne wouldn't believe me but the Nurse assured her and that she wanted me out! Jill picked me up and was home around 9:30pm.

Each day, despite feeling tired and my belly feeling delicate, I also feel improvement.  I'm also smiling at a memory I hold when I was pregnant all those years ago, out with some friends in pub in Bromsgrove, Andrew D (AKA Plug) saying to me "Your classed as safe Totty now" :-).

My Surgeon said I was a bit of a challenge as my ovaries were quite sticky. Well they have been there a long time! He didn't phone yesterday with the results to confirm his opinion that it was Endometriosis that the CT scan had showed up.  I have called today and his secretary called back to advise the test results are not available but he would call on Monday when he will be back in the office.  (Friday and golf come to mind).

Have  a lovely weekend everyone. Good luck for my lovely niece Laura and the rest of the Worcester peeps who are doing the Race for Life on Sunday.  I will cheer you on from my sofa!  For those who want to sponsor Laura, her link is on my Race for Life 2011 page and thanks in advance xxx

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  1. I only didn't believe you as I know what an escape artist you can be when you get into hospital and I'd rather have had it from the horses mouth :)