Friday, 17 June 2011

Another long wait for test results

but now they are in I have more questions.  It has been confirmed that my Ovaries and Fallopian tubes contained Lobular Breast Cancer.  My womb has been checked and it is unlikely to be cancerous.  My first question to that is the Gynae Surgeon told me he suspected I had Endometriosis so how can he be sure about my womb.

I have another CT scan booked for the 27th June and the results to be reported back to me on the 5th July.

It has been a horrible week waiting for these results and that on it's own hasn't helped. It could have been worse as if this was Ovarian cancer a whole new treatment plan would have had to be discusssed so there is a plus side.

Looking forward to a weekend out of cancer land and hopefully back to work Monday.  Have a good one everyone. xxx

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