Saturday, 2 April 2011

News is slowly sinking in

and having talked to Holly every day about one aspect or another she's got the idea and in between the "Don't let Auntie Rachel sneak out the laptop" and "Does that mean I can have your camera?" we have had the tears.  Since Tuesday I have cried myself to sleep, I feel anxiety, I feel angry, and also overwhelmed with what people want to do for me and Holly.  Yes one of the items on my to do list is let them!  I have also been talking to them upstairs and I know now how David and Colin felt. This is the card I have been dealt with, the 3rd member of my family facing this in 4 years. I thought yesterday this is 3rd time lucky.  Not lucky enough for the Cancer to disappear, but just lucky urrrmmm.  I know I will beat David's record and I wonder if I can beat Colin's record!!  Sibling rivalry still going on and I'm going to beat both of them Grammar school boys :-)  he he he
Next week all my affairs will be sorted and put in order then we can forget about all that and continue with a bit of normality and whatever Holly and I want to do. I want to have a Wide Wake party so we are having a wide wake rehearsal here in Taunton weekend 9/10th April.  We are just getting together, share memories and create a bucket list. Bring photos as well!!  Email me if you would like to come even if it is just to say hello.  Be warned though Holly will be in charge of the video camera! Also for those that can't make it we can arrange a skype session.
Yes I am being managed. My will has been on my to do list since before I got diagnosed in 2009.  With huge thanks (that word appears so inadequate.  Note to myself: find another word) to Anne Nige, Lynne and James for giving me a task list as long as my arm to complete at various points next week.  (I did 2 items yesterday:-))
Something else I am just overwhelmed about that the A team told me on Thursday night.   James and Anne are opening a bank account on Monday, I think it is going to be called the "Sue Davies Foundation Trust"  or something.  I really can't remember I was a bit emotional at that point. There's already a large deposit to make. I don't even know who to thank!  This is for Holly and I to have a holiday to be taken next month whilst I'm fit enough .  We just need to let James know where we have chosen to go and then pack our cases.  Holly's smiley face asked "Anywhere?" and then came "The Caribbean"  There's me thinking Ireland.  I will update this website with those details and also for anyone who wishes to make a contribution can do so through this blog.
As you can see I have a busy week ahead. I have had my injection and started my drugs on Friday.  Fingers crossed.  I will know more about the impact of this treatment in 6 weeks time. 


  1. are a very strong lady and you have a lot of fight in you.
    Hugs from across the

  2. All these were left for me on my face book link.

    Jill S Ooms Sending you big hugs from across the pond. xxx
    29 March at 20:33 • Paul Howland x
    29 March at 20:36 •Donna Rogers sending more big hugs from down the road x x x
    29 March at 20:44 • Jess Matthews big big big hugs,we love you xxxxxxxx
    29 March at 21:10 • Charlie Mancini Sue i am praying for you. xxx
    29 March at 21:30 • Jill Hitchcock Big hugs xxxxxx
    29 March at 21:37 • Jenny Baddeley Xxx
    29 March at 21:42 • Rachel Rosie Davies xxxxx ♥ xxxxx
    29 March at 21:44 • Hayley Bennett loads of love, hugs and prayers xxxxx
    29 March at 21:47 • Sami Heath ヅ Hugs xxxxx
    29 March at 21:49 • Julie Geens Hugs from us and Ben xxx
    29 March at 21:50 • Sandy Davies Big Hugs xxxxx
    29 March at 21:51 • Steven Logue ♥ Love from us in London :)
    29 March at 22:04 • Carol Field Hugs from me too xxx
    29 March at 22:08 • Sam Chandler Xxx
    29 March at 22:20 • Norma Goodier love to you and Holly xxx
    29 March at 22:35 • Lynne Davis JC says the only answer is to sleep with him!
    29 March at 22:57 • Katherine Taylor oh poo! Sue, love and prayers making their way to you xxxx
    29 March at 23:13 • Catrina Rusher Sending all my love and positive vibes to you and Holly. Keep on keeping on Sue xxxx I'm running for you - which, if you were to see such a sight, would make you feel better!!!!! xxxx
    30 March at 00:00 • Jenny Lunn Hugs from Jenny in Australia..xx
    30 March at 03:08 • Helen King Big love Sue xxxxx
    30 March at 07:15 • Laurence Harrison Thinking of you Sue xx
    30 March at 07:28 • Gail Orton Keep up the fight Sue! Lotsa love from us xxx
    30 March at 08:30 • Stuart Mann xxx
    30 March at 08:49 • Helen Kirk seaside days are the best,dont put it off, lots of love x
    30 March at 13:56 • Dave Davie Crerar Aww heck. :-(
    Keep the faith Sue.
    30 March at 15:25 • Dave Davie Crerar Damned iPhone! Mebbe that will make you smile a bit :-)
    30 March at 15:26 • Kerri Finnegan Reading all the comments here, there's a whole lot of people rooting for you chick, and you are seriously at risk of being smothered if all these hugs get delivered! xxx
    30 March at 20:18 •Caroline Jamelskyj Thinking of you and Holly xx did try to write on your blogg lol me and computers do not mix lol :-)
    31 March at 07:20 •