Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

I have had a lovely but busy few weeks with visitors, appointments and getting my jobs done. As mentioned in my previous update, I have set up an email account that the A Team will manage.  They will respond with details of how you can make a donation or pass on any offer of help (as I generally say no thanks) Also they will be able to view my calendar and ensure that I don't go on my own to my appointments.

I have also booked our holiday, THANK YOU !! We are flying out to Majorca for 3 days on the 7th May then cruising to Tangier, Casablanca, Gibraltar, Almeria, Cartagena then back to Palma.  I am still trying to sort out our travel Insurance as the premiums are silly prices but have managed to get 2 reasonable quotes with one even being under £200.  I've then got to book the hotel for the 3 days that we are in Majorca.  

Had a bit of a bizarre day on Wednesday.  I took Holly to her dad's and after the train fare was more then I would spend in petrol I decided at the last minute to go in the car.  I got back in time for my 11am appointment with our local vicar which was productive and worthwhile.  My friends Smudge and Jayne had arrived and I met them for lunch and went to our local garden centre for a mooch.  Now for the bizarre bit.  On the way out, a chap ended up chatting to us as Smudge had his Led Zepplin t-shirt on and it turned out all 3 of us were at Knebworth festival in 1979.  During the course of the conversation a song came up that this chap had played at a funeral and I went oohh that's an idea.  Then before you know it we are being preached to as he was also a minister and he offers me some christian healing prayer in the carpark.  I accepted his gift with the blessing it was being delivered with so we shall wait and see.

I have a busy fortnight ahead as well.  Next week I have the all important blood test to check the liver functions, hormone injection (blimey has it really been 4 weeks), an appointment with the Gynae team (re swollen ovary) and reflexology session.  The following week I start a phased return to work :-), an Oncology appointment where I shall have the results of my bone scan that I had last week and the blood test reported back to me. Then we're off on holiday :-).

This Easter weekend Rachel and myself are at Karen's in Braunton having a lovely time being pampered with a pedicure, afternoon snoozes, walks on the beach and dips in the Jacuzzi. Hope everyone is having as nice a time as we are xxx

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