Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What nobody wanted to hear and I certainly wasn't expecting that!

My physiotherapist was really pleased with my improvements in just 7 days.  Mobility has improved immensely and I have done a solo drive to Worcester without any problems.  Health related anyway.  Did have to use breakdown cover to open the petrol cap on Bluebell.

Sadly my oncologist didn't have good news with the CT scan results.  This has confirmed the following findings.

Liver - Multiple low attenuation lesions scattered throughout all segments.  Typical of widespread hepatic metastatic disease
Ovary - Looks bulky.  May be related,  further investigation required. Oncologist is going to speak to the Gynae team. 

Bone - Single area in Lumber bone sclerotic /  is whiter then last scan (2009) A bone scan has been requested.  Have had blood test done today for base line results and another one will be done in 6 weeks time. 
Primary treatment is a monthly injection of Zoladex to switch off ovaries - no oestrogen being produced.  Then Amiridex tablets which works by reducing the amount of oestrogen that my body makes elsewhere in the body which the tumours are feeding off.  This is normally given to women who are post menopausal but I'm not, hence the Zoladex injection.

There are a few indiscrepencies between Anne's notes and the copy of the report I asked for so this is it for now.  My GP has already phoned me and arranged appointment for tomorrow to have my injection so I start the hormone therapy on Friday. 
Will let you know more when I do.  Holly does know as well and is dealing with it in her own way.  Me, I'm ok just want to move to the sea even more.


  1. shall we just get a huge tent and pitch up in Karens garden?

    HUGE hugs and luffles xxxxxxx <3

  2. forget the tent just move in big hugs & love xx

  3. After being Challenged by Sue's daughter Holly I am doing the race for life & to get Holly back we wil be running it!!! Hope your training lots Holly lol.
    If you would like to sponsor me please click on link Thanks Karen


  4. Curry nights are readily available, freshly made by Nick's fair hands. Hugs and kisses as always. Come and visit I know we are not by the sea but would love to see you. Pat, Nick and the rest of the gang at panic house!XXXX

  5. HUGE hugs to you and Holly Sue. Thinking of you xxxx xxxx

  6. Come and live with mummy!!! The mad house loves you... even TJ loves you, and I promise to visit more often x

  7. Hi Sue,will speak to Ray Alan and Moira. We are all thinking of you.Des

  8. Hi Sue, we are all thinking of you and send our love to you. xx

  9. |Hi Sue, the above message is from janette and family

  10. Thanks Dez and Janette. Really hope we can have a irish reunion soon xxx