Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A promising start 5 Weeks on!!

On Friday I went with Anne to meet the Gynaecologist at MPH.  After a short discussion the consultant went through the risks and benefits of having an Oophorectomy (removal of my Ovaries).  As I already knew my liver functions had improved from the blood test I had done last Wednesday (had a print done for me Thursday at my GP practice when I had my implant inserted), I feel confident that my Liver will stand up to the drugs I will need for this operation and I have agreed to have this done. Operation is now booked for Tuesday 7th June and all being well I shall only be in for a day then rest for 1 week, 2 weeks max.  The benefits will be that we will know if they are secondary BC, new Ovarian Primary or clear.  Also will not need to have an implant every 4 weeks to turn them off. Yey one less injection!
The meeting with the Oncologist today was with same consultant who told me in July 2010 that they wouldn't offer scans to patients on their check ups and would prefer to wait until symptoms present themselves.  He still stands by his decision as allegedly there is no evidence that the survival rates improve with earlier diagnosis for Secondary cancers. Well I feel that this needs to be addressed so will add that to my report that I am preparing for T&S Trust.
As mentioned earlier my blood tests revealed that my liver functions have improved telling me the Arimidex is working - Breath out a huge sigh of relief. The side effects have not been too noticeable either so fingers crossed this is maintained.  
My bone scan results were described as Normal reminding the reader that hormone suppressive therapy can result in false negative bone scans.
All in all a good week with 5 weeks of treatment behind me which has produced positive results.  I feel more positive and despite getting my affairs in order I feel that I can also make plans for the future. 
I had my first day back at work today, another step in the right direction - bringing back some normality...

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  1. Mmmmm - sounds like a good case of arse covering by the oncologist - probably a good job I was tied up with a meeting at work today and unable to accompany you I might just have been tempted to rip off a couple of his dangling appendages which probably wouldn't have done you any favours Sue - on the other hand so pleased the Arimidex looks to be an effective course of treatment - long may it continue :)