Sunday, 20 March 2011

10 Weeks post op

My wound is looking good but still need dressings and now using Caustic Silver Nitrate sticks to wipe over it to help dry it out.  Went to see my surgeon last Thursday in Bristol and firstly he apologised for the mess up's that I had experienced.  I couldn't respond as felt it wasn't his fault but did appreciate his remorsefulness.  I have physio and CT scans in Taunton on Tuesday.  The results of the CT scan will be reported back to me when I meet with my Oncologist on 29th March.  I delayed the removal of my Mirena coil by a week as my Dr said that wouldn't impact the test results my onc was after.  He spoke to her on my behalf and turns out there were other reasons why this was to be removed and she hadn't told me so I will take that up with her when I see her on the 29th.

On a lighter note my fabulous young daughter Holly has decided to do the race for life with my friends in Barnstable on Sunday 10th July.  Teri had decided she was going to do this for me and we were with her mum Karen on Saturday who said she was just going to watch.  Well from nowhere Holly piped up to Karen "I'll do it but only if you do too".  Well I was gobsmaked as currently I am struggling to get her enthused on anything that takes her away from the telly and here she was challenging Karen (yes I was relieved she wasn't challenging me).  I will set a permanat link to her sponsor page but in the meantime if you are able and want to please sponsor her using the following link.

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