Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Chemo Round 7 Day 1 Penultimate session !!!

How Cool is that I feel fab !!!Only one more session left and they cannot surprise me with any more !!!! Have to share a poem my friend Caroline sent me to keep my positivity up - Chemo is fab, chemo is fantastic. Sometimes it feels bad, sometimes drastic, however that little blighter will soon be gone and you will hear me singing this song, Chemo is fab, chemo is fantastic, "Bring it on", "Bring it on".
I know it hasn't been brilliant I have 6 weeks + before starting to feel better but with Cruella shrinking as well I can honestly say,"Aint been brilliant, it's not nice or pleasant in any way but has all been manageable". Thanks Daria and everyone else for your wonderful comments either by email, text, phone, facebook, face to face, cards, posters and presents. I cannot explain how or why but it all helps in my dark moments and I don't feel so alone.
Have managed a few days work as well which makes me feel useful but I'm not overdoing it but it is good seeing everyone and getting out for a few hours.
Some really good news today, my brother Colin emailed and he has had the ok to join us on our camping holiday in North Devon in 2weeks time and he's got onto the same camp site as us. I'm not sure who's more excited me, him or Holly, rr haven't spoken to Kerian yet :-)
Well still to get some complan in for next week. Drinking lots of water as my throat is dry but ready for next weeks rest..... 3 weeks to go before my last chemo session hooray !!!


  1. Keep going girl! You have done fantastically well so far and so proud of you for getting through all the crap. Brilliant news about Colin too. Hope to catch up soon. Wend x

  2. Sue, what a lovely positive post... You are an inspiration! I am so glad you are nearly done with the Chemo and I hope you have a fantastic relaxing holiday. Lots of love, Helen K xx

  3. Brilliant Sue - you're definitely on the downhill strait now :o)))