Monday, 3 June 2013

Breaking News......

As Sue is currently in hospital here is a message from her friend Lynne:


“Well as some of you already know Sue has been re-admitted to Musgrove Park Hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, after 4 days of struggling to keep fluids down and getting very dehydrated, we as a group of friends, talked Sue into thinking it was the best decision to go and get everything checked out.

After a very uncomfortable 4 hours in A&E, Sue was reluctantly admitted to her nemesis ward - Medical Assessment Unit.  Unfortunately MAU is a very busy ward, very noisy and not a good place to be for the sleep deprived.

Blood tests confirmed the dehydration and also a high blood calcium which needed to be treated urgently.  The high calcium levels were causing the nausea and vomiting as well as making Sue feel very weak and quite confused.  Also the dryness in the mouth had brought on another bout of oral thrush that was picked up by the consultant who came to see her on MAU.

After much persistence from Sue and an emotional phone call, the staff on MAU managed to get Sue moved to Ward 9 which specialises in treating oncology and haematology patients, and although she wasn't treated to the single (party) room like her last visit to that ward it is certainly much quieter than MAU.

Sue said she had a terrible night with lots of pains in her arms but that was also due to the calcium levels. 

The plan of action for today was to rehydrate as far as possible without causing the oedema to return.  This would hopefully bring down the calcium levels and improve all symptoms.  During the afternoon Sue had an ultrasound scan of her kidneys and abdomen just to see that the stents fitted at Christmas were working properly.

Good news is that following rehydration Sue has become more coherent and less confused and is looking a bit brighter.  I've just heard she's been moved to the Beacon Inpatient Ward (specialist oncology unit) which will please her no end.
The plan when Sue is discharged is to get a sensible care package organised which will give Sue some independence and allow her to stay at home as much as possible and help Holly with the caring whilst making sure Sue is looked after properly.”


  1. Thanks Lynne we have all been anxiously awaiting an update :-) Thinking of you Sue and will hopefully get up there tomorrow to share some of my energy. Hugs and love, Teri, Mum, TJ, Jess and Mr S xxx

    1. Sorry, and Anne for posting the message :-)

    2. thank you for the update - thinking of Sue & Holly

  2. Thanks for the update Lynne. Please tell Sue we are thinking of her and give her a gentle hug from us.
    Lots of love Sue from Jill and Jean. xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for the update. Love and best wishes xxx

  4. Thank you Lynne and Anne for the post and for being there for our beautiful dizzy one. Please send her our love and tell her to keep that umbrella held high xxx

    Wend & Lol