Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Latest on Sue

As she told you herself Sue had the second lot of ascites fluid drained a couple of weeks ago

Unfortunately after she returned from hospital on the Wednesday she started to become quite unwell - lots of vomiting which the GP seemed unable to control with anti-emetics

Eventually we managed to persuade her, much against her better judgement, to go to A and E on the Sunday where she was kept in

To cut a long story short the vomiting was as a result of her kidney stent failing and subsequent high levels of calcium in her blood

Eventually she was moved to the Beacon ward last Tuesday and since then she has deteriorated gradually as her kidneys and liver functions have reduced

Yesterday her oncologist told her family that there was little else they could do except palliative care

She is still on the Beacon ward and is being looked after by their wonderful staff

I have seen her this evening and she is comfortable but I am unsure if she is aware who is around her.  As you would expect she has had lots of visitors.  The staff feel that she will not be with us for that much longer but it is impossible to quantify this as she is still relatively young and was quite fit before this latest episode so it could be hours or several days

Before she drifted into this gentle state of resting and sleeping we have had some lovely 'Sue' moments and she has also tried to 'escape' several times much to the consternation of the staff

So please join us in smiling at these thoughts and hold her in your heart for as long as she's still with us


  1. I will pray for Sue keep her in my thoughts. I will Pray that she is Peaceful.....
    Sue in my Thoughts & Prayers
    Love Alli.....xx

  2. Thank you for the update if anyone is able tell Sue I love her and am thinking of her.

    1. I have done Sarah, I read your message to her xx

    2. I have done Sarah, I read your message to her xx

  3. thinking of you Sue....My prayers are with you.

  4. Thinking of you Sue, my prayers are with you, Holly and your amazing family.
    You will always be loved as you have touch so many hearts. Love to you all xxxx

  5. Thinking of you Sue. Love and prayers to you and your Family . Dawn xxxx

  6. Gentle hugs from your 'Chat Girls' xxxxx