Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Reports confirmed some good and not so good news...

The good news is the largest tumours in my liver have reduced in size. There appears to be moderate amount of fluid in my left kidney, which we didn't discuss so will pick that up on my next appointment.  Overall statement - Stable and No significant change.

Not so good news is the Acities which I was expecting "suggests progressive peritoneal disease".    I know the fluid was increasing because although I haven't put on any weight, the increasing size of my belly despite using natural diuretics, is quite obvious.  

More not so good news was that my liver functions have deteriorated again.

Moving forward the plan is - Not to take any Mistletoe Therapy, continue with my Chlorella, Spirulina and Astragalus (herbal remedies) and check my bloods in 3 weeks time. Hopefully the improvement trend will be reinstated and I can start Chemo.  Despite the tumours in my liver not increasing in size, chemo is needed to reduce the Acities activity.  Arrangements are in place to have the Acities drained again and send off a sample of fluid for testing. 

Despite the mixed bag here I feel pretty confident that this is all manageable.  Even a few cycles of Capcitabin doesn't seem too bad.   Gives me a chance to source some more herbal remedies :-)

Next appointment is 4th June which will fly by as the last 3 weeks have done. I hope we can have some more sun in the meantime so we can all top up on some much needed Vitamin D! xx

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  1. Just to let you know and wishing you the best. Take care...