Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bloods still improving Whoop Whoop !!

My Bilirubin has dropped 4 points to 20 and is just 3 points off being back in range. The Albumin has increased by 2 and is 2 points off being back in range and the Alkaline Phosphatase  has dropped by 33 and is 119 points off being back in range.  The interesting thing is that this is all being done without any conventional or Homeopathic drugs :-)
My Potassium level is back in range for the first time since 11th March.  Again no Drugs, increased it with a combination of foods and drinks  rich in Potassium and Magnesium.
Annoyingly the Acities has returned.  Initially I was putting on 1lb a day which was worrying as I thought I would be back in hospital by now with another drain or even having a permanent one fitted.  However I have managed to halt the increase by eating and drinking natural diuretics and have even lost 1lb in weight.  I am able to cope with the symptoms so far and hoping that I can reduce the fluid collection naturally to avoid another drain.
Discussing the cause of the Acities my oncologist advised it is a symptom of active cancer cells in the  Peritoneal cavity where the Liver sits in. These cancer cells are unlikely to show up on a CT Scan as they are tiny, however the chemotherapy, should it work, will also reduce the fluid by killing off the cancer cells. 

My CT Scan is booked for the 3rd May and my next Oncology appointment is the 14th May where I will have the results.  Meanwhile I am going to start my Homeopathy medicines and see what the impact of them will be on my bloods and Acities :-) 
All in all I feel very positive!!

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