Friday, 15 February 2013

Well that went better than I thought...

I had prepared myself for the worst so I came out feeling quite chipper.  My kidney functions are all back in range and the stents are working as there is no fluid collection. My liver functions are still out of range and creeping in the wrong direction along with my Tumour markers.  However they are only creeping.  There is mild enlargement of  the lesions in my Liver and new ones noted, since my December scan.

So my options are, Chemo, Letrozel or stick with the Homeopathy treatment.  I was chuffed they were offering me chemo,  not convinced about Letrozel as none of the other Aromatase Inhibitor's had worked but my new Oncologist pointed out that I had taken a months supply since my last scan and the progression has been mild suggesting that this was still a viable option.  I would feel more confident about taking homeopathy treatment if I was being treated locally but happy to once we have reversed the cancer growth. The Chemo they want me to try is Eribulin and I need to do more research on this. 
I know I will go for the Chemo option whilst I am well enough to handle it and it is still an option. I have been told to go away and think about it for a week then I will let my Oncologist my decision.

On another bright note we have finalised the Charity Ball account and sent it off to the Penny Brohn Centre who have issued the certificate as below.  Thank you everyone that turned up to make this the success that it was as this would not have happened without you or without the phenomenal committee for making it happen.  
Have a good weekend everyone xxx


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