Saturday, 7 May 2011

Holiday time - THANK YOU !!!

I'm almost packed and got a whole morning in front of me to get ready.  I feel I can get excited now after the first monitoring of my treatment being so positive.  I will pass Dave's milestone of 6 weeks next Tuesday, never doubted that I wouldn't, and on the way to beat Colin's :-).

We're off to Majorca for 3 days staying in the Palm Nova resort before getting on a boat to Tangiers, Casablanca, Gilbralter, Almeria, Cartegena and back to Palma in Marjorca.  I have never been on a criuse before but in a frightened state of mind when booking this I was comforted that there is a Dr on board ship and getting to lots of different places without any effort on my part.  Just got to watch the time when out in the ports for getting back to the ship :-).

We would not be going on this holiday had it not been for the A team and my wonderful family and friends.  All I can do to thank you all is to enjoy myself, make some lovely memories for Holly and myself and take lot's of pictures and share it all when I get back.  I have treated myself to a new camera, thanks Chloe for the inspiration over the Easter break.  I may turn this into a new hobby who knows watch this space...

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